Welcome to our group

We are interested in a wide range of physical and chemical processes of materials, with a focus on materials transformations and the structure-function relation. The research in the group includes three primary areas: (i) Materials transformation during environmental interactions; (ii) Mass transport and interfaces in electrochemical processes; (iii) Non-equilibrium synthesis of nanostructured materials, currently applied to the production of efficient electrocatalysts for water oxidation and other energy devices. We use in situ environmental transmission electron microscopy as the primary approach and combine all other necessary techniques including materials synthesis, nanofabrication, x-ray diffraction and absorption, electrical and optical measurement to develop atomic level understanding and control of materials processes for energy conversion and energy storage applications.



Room 420, Chemistry Building, Xiamen University,
Xiamen 361005, China
Tel:  +86-592-2184248   Email: hgliao@xmu.edu.cn